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RAI Updates for October 1, 2019 Finally Released: Things You Need to Know


How the New Medicare-Medicaid Crossover Change Will Affect Your LTPAC’s Financial Statements

6 Steps to Reduce Harm in Nursing Homes

Understanding How Functional Score Works Under PDPM

Understanding Diagnosis Coding Under the New Payment Driven Patient Care (PDPM) Model

Tips on Choosing Diagnoses for the LTPAC Resident Stay

Understanding the CMS Requirements of Participation Past and Future

Seeing the Connection Between Phase 3 Requirement of Participation and Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

The Role of Trauma-Informed Care in Phase 3 Requirement of Participation

CMS Phase 3 Requirement of Participation: Compliance and Ethics Program

Business Office Work Flow in LTPAC Settings – Is Yours Stop or Go?

Certifications and Recertifications – the Golden Ticket for Skilled Nursing Services

MDS Update – Section N and What You Need to Know

LTPAC Budgeting Strategies for 2019

Targeted Probe and Educate – Appeal Options and Recommendations

An LTPAC Checklist to Promote Business Office Manager (BOM) Success


Top Hospice Targeted Probe and Educate Denial Reasons

Navigating the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) Claims Process

Preparing and Submitting Documentation for Targeted Probe and Educate, Medicare’s New Medical Review Strategy

Understanding Targeted Probe and Educate – Medicare’s New Medical Review Strategy

The Proposed Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM): 10 Things You Need to Know

5 “You-Focused” Tips to Improve Your Organization’s RCM Process

Is Pre-Claim Review Making a Comeback in Home Health?

An Explanation of Medicare Medical Review Strategies

Employee Engagement Part III: A Necessary Foundation for Organizational Success

Important Changes in Nonprofit Reporting – Learn What You Need to Know

New Service: Corporate Clinical Navigator – the Extra Set of Hands Your SNF has Always Needed

Jennifer Leatherbarrow Selected as 2018 Senior Examiner for the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Workflow in LTPAC Environments – 3 Strategies

Electronic Visit Verification Mandate for Home Health

Building Employee Engagement Part II: The First Steps to Take in Your LTPAC Organization

Is a Contract Controller Right for your LTPAC Organization? Our E-Book Has the Answers

Additional Development Requests (ADRs): How to Push the Easy Button

Building Employee Engagement Part I: Viewing it from an LTPAC Leadership Perspective 

Preparing for Change: Medicare Beneficiary Identifier

Ready or Not, Here Comes RCS-1

How to Code Urinary Tract Infections for MDS 3.0 (2018)

Five Key Operational Areas All Home Health Agencies Should Review

QAPI Case Study: How a SNF Used QAPI to overcome decline of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) & customer satisfaction

Seeing the Value of Custom Reporting in PointClickCare®

Improving Medication Management through Integrating Pharmacy with PointClickCare®

Five Strategies to Boost Patient Care through Revenue Cycle Management

CMS to Implement Changes to Beneficiary Identifiers

Home Health's Best Kept Secret: Outpatient Therapy

Tips on Preparing a Final LTPAC Annual Expense Budget

PointClickCare®’s Point of Care (POC) Experience: If It Isn’t Documented, It Didn’t Happen

Developing a Winning Home Health Targeted Probe & Educate Medical Review Strategy

eINTERACT™– Helping LTPACs Decrease Hospital Readmissions and Improve Quality of Care

How it works: Medicare Level of Care (LOC) in PointClickCare® for the Management of No Pay and Exhaust Bills

Grasping the Who, What and Why of the Mega Rule Facility Assessment

Why Do I Need a Triple Check Process?

Understanding RAI Manual Coding Updates and Avoiding Common Coding Errors

RHC at the FHCA Annual Conference and Trade Show

Strategies for Analyzing and Utilizing PEPPER in LTPAC Settings

Strategies for Developing a PointClickCare® Baseline Care Plan

Managed Care Audit Defense Part III: Taking a Proactive Approach to Managed Care – the 3-Step Preadmission Process

Managed Care Audit Defense Strategies Part II: Meeting the Challenges of Additional Development Requests (ADRs)

Best Practices for Implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP)

Managed Care Audit Defense Strategies Part I: Understanding the Basics

PointClickCare® Analytics Package: Numbers Never Lie

PointClickCare Document Manager Feature—Helping You Keep Admissions Documents Clean and Professional Every Time

Understanding Ohio's Nursing Facility Medicaid Adjudication Process and What to do if you Receive a Medicaid Overpayment Review Letter

Implementing QAPI Program Planning and Processes – the Key to Helping LTPACs Overcome Challenges and Thrive

Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of the Home Health Scheduler

Implementing Performance Improvement Plans as a Part of a QAPI Program

Additional Development Request (ADR) Basics – Understanding How and Why They Are Used

What IS QAPI? Your Guide to the new LTPAC and SNF Standard for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

Is Your Home Health Scheduler 2017 Ready?

Yolanda Riley to Present "Is Your Scheduler 2017 Ready?

Jennifer Leatherbarrow selected as Senior Examiner by the American Health Care Association

Why Performance Improvement Plans Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Benefits of an Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Gauging the difference between Real Pain and addiction Behavior

Capturing efficiencies with PointClickCare Workflow tools

QAPI Basics - The Five Elements and 12 Steps

IMPACT Act Basics - What You Need to Know

Benefits of Hiring an SNFist

Acceptable Medicare Certification and Re-Certification Statements

What Is The PAMA Act and VBP?

Budget Prep and Revenue Projection Basics for Long-Term Post-Acute Care Facilities

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Basics and Answers to Frequent Questions

Revenue Cycle Management touchpoints for the LTPAC Administrator

Operational Best Practices for Home Health Providers

Understanding Capitated Care and Using It Effectively

Using PointClickCare to Boost LTPAC Efficiency

Healthcare Technology Trends in Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC)

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Documentation - Tips & Best Practices

Managing Petty Cash Accounts for Senior Living Communities - Best Practices

Paying it Forward - Richter Engagement in the Community

Managing Long-Term Care Insurance as a Payer -- Best Practices

2017 Patient Insurance Updates - Hospice and Home Health

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Basics for Health Care Organizations

New Interactive Medicaid Information Resource Now Available

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Review Process for Home Health and Hospice

Bank Reconciliation Best Practices for Health Care Organizations

Corporate Compliance Basics for Health Care Organizations

Long-Term Facility-Hospice Agency Contracts -- Issues to Consider / Questions to Ask

Please Sign On The Dotted Line - Medicare Signature Requirements

Section GG Updates + Best Practices - Implementation Simplified

How to Manage an Additional Development Request (ADR) Denial Code 56900

Changes to Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Manual - What You Need to Know

New DOL Overtime Rule - Does It Affect Your Enterprise?

Best Practices for Segregation of Duties in health care Business Offices

Revenue Cycle Management Tips: Following Up on Unpaid Commercial Claims

Controls for Medicare Cost Report Compliance

Social Media Best Practices for Health Care Professionals

Unpaid LTPAC Accounts: When to Refer to a Collection Agency or Law Firm

Compliance With Six Rights of Medication Administration

Effective Compliance Program Guidelines for LTPAC Facilities

Reference Guide: Understanding Changes to CMS Quality Measures

Tips to Minimize and Manage Bad Debt for LTPAC Facilities

Health Care Industry Compliance Basics

Best Practices for Documenting Home Care Skilled Services

Business Office Outsourcing for Healthcare Organizations

Tips for Helping Health Care Technophobes Embrace Technology

Understanding Face to Face (F2F) Technical Requirements for Home Health Billing

Making the Case for Secure Client Portals for Health Care Organizations

Telecommunication Changes in the LTPAC Sector - How Can They Help?

How Technology Impacts Resident Life in LTPAC Facilities

Strategies for Implementing an EHR in LTPAC Facilities

3 Steps to a Successful OASIS Submission

Helping LTPACs Understand HIPPA Regulatory Guidelines for Patient Communication

Technology Devices and Advancements for Seniors

Accounts Payable Process Basics for Healthcare Facilities

Applying Root Cause Analysis in Health Care and LTPAC Settings

Tips for Reconciling Accounts Receivable to the General Ledger

Trends in Treatment of Chronic Pain

Healthcare Best Practices for Managing Unpaid Private Charges

Tips for Assembling a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Admissions Packet

Establishing a Process to Address Medicare Overpayments Final Rule

Overcoming Communication Challenges in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Managing Medicaid Application Process for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Electronic Visit Verification Best Practices for Home Healthcare Providers

Understanding Root Behavioral Causes in Dementia Patients Before Medicating

Tips for Boosting Efficiency in SNF and LTPAC Facilities

What CPAs Need to Know About Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

What is Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) - and How Can Health Care Facilities Use It

Resident Trust Fund Considerations for LTPAC and Senior Care Facilities

QAPI Basics - Setting Your Goal

LGBT Rights in Long-Term Care Facilities

Preparing for Year-End Reporting Requirements with Monthly Planning Practices

Elements of an Effective Health Care Facility Gatekeeper Program, Part 2

Elements of an Effective Health Care Facility Gatekeeper Program, Part 1

Best Practices for Customer Service in Long-Term Care Facility Business Offices

Developments Around Home Health Care Provider Wage and Reimbursement Rates

Decoding the New GG - Best Practices and Implementation

Accounts Payable and Invoice Review Best Practices for Health Care Facilities

Strategies to Maximize LTPAC Employer-Employee Relations

Richter Answers Questions From LTPAC Practitioners

Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

Understanding the 7 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Models for Provider Reimbursement

Improving Your Facility's CMS Five-Star Quality Rating -- Insights and Tips

Strategies for Increasing Accuracy of Minimum Data Set (MDS) Focused Surveys

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Computer

Cert/Re-cert Strategies for LTPAC Providers

Understanding Pharmacogenomics and Its Implications for LTPAC Care

Embracing Change in the LTPAC Industry

5 Tricks to Stay Ahead of the LTPAC Reimbursement Curve

How To Code Urinary Tract Infections For MDS 3.0

Top 10 Tips for Nursing Documentation and Compliance

Understanding the Triple Check Process for Compliance and Audit Preparation

Ensuring Quality Care and Patient Experiences -- A Personal Account

How to Prepare for Additional Development Requests (ADRs) Before They Occur

Health Care Organization Financial Statements: Understanding Best Practices

Do You Have An EHR Process To Manage Care?

Tips for Maximizing Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platform

Best Practices for Optimizing Policies and Procedures in Your LTPAC Facility

Population Health Management for LTPAC Providers

Implementing Patient-Centered Care for LTPAC Facilities

Stay Ahead of the Curve in the LTPAC Sector

Understanding Key Performance Indicators for Revenue Cycle Management

Details Matter When Customizing Your Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Tips for Talking to Families About Payment for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care

Can Your LTPAC Audit Processes Stand Up to an Audit?

Sepsis: Early Detection May Save A Life

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Requirements for LTPAC Facilities - Are You Ready?

Implementation Tips: Electronic Fund Transfers (ETFs) and Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs)

Understanding the New Face-to-Face Regulation for Medicaid Home Healthcare Services

Diagnosis Management In The LTPAC: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Final Medicare Overpayment Reporting Rule - What You Need to Know

QAPI Basics - The 12 Steps

Tips on Qualifying for the Hospital Readmission Quality Point

How to Earn 5 Quality Add-On Points for 2016

QAPI Basics - The Five Elements

Embracing Bundled Care Payments in LTPAC Facilities

PELI-What’s the next step?

Business Office Outsourcing for Healthcare Organizations

Implementing Antibiotic Stewardship at LTPAC Facilities

CMI Scores and RUG Score Ranks for Ohio MDS Nurses

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare® POC

Ask the Experts: How Effective Resident Trust Fund ManagementCan Help LTCs Avoid Potential Citations

Ask the Experts: Best Admissions Practices for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Ask the Experts: Admission MDS for Health Care Facilities

Ask the Experts: Using PointClickCare to create the Medicare Cost Report

Ask the Experts: Boosting GL Monthly Processes Efficiency With PointClickCare

Ask the Experts: Certification and Recertification Basics

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: When to Use a Promissory Note for AR Collections

Ask the Experts: Best Presentations for Family Nights

Ask the Experts: What is the Inquirty Referral Management (IRM) Module in PointClickCare?®

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: Errors at Month End

Ask the Experts: Using MDS Software to Detect CAA's

Ask the Experts: Using a COT to increase RUG

Ask the Experts: Payment Options at Skilled Nursing Facilities

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: Managing Collection Letter Process

Ask the Experts: Completing an MDS for a Respite Stay

Ask the Experts: How to Pay Performers for Activity Department Programs

Ask the Experts: Are Evening and Weekend Hours for Families Necessary?

Ask the Experts: Is it Necessary to Complete a MDS for a Hospice Patient?

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: where to save Admissions Process Documents

Ask the Experts: Can an OBRA Assessment and 14 Day MDS Be Combined?

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: How to Create a New Fiscal Year

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: Tips on Calculating PPD Amounts

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: Can Payroll and Other Journal Entries Be Imported?

Ask the Experts: PointClickCare®: How to Enter Level of Care (LOC) Information into the EHR

Are you losing thousands in ADL Coding Mistakes?

Tips for Assuring Compliance with HIPAA Omnibus Rule

How Effective Resident Trust Fund Management Can Help LTC Organizations Avoid Potential Citations

Mark Your Calendar: Two Important Accounting Dates for 2014

Tips for transitioning to and implementing icd-10

PointClickCare® Users – Is Your Software Working For You?

Is your health care organization's Revenue Cycle Management Process up to a Compliance Audit?

Understanding the basics of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BCPI) Initiative

5 Health IT Resources for SNFs and HHAs

Countdown to MyCare Ohio - Is Your LTC Facility Ready?

Is the OIG looking at your Home Health/Hospice Agency? You bet they are!

tips for helping LTC organizations speak with families about payment options & issues

Does Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) Need an S.O.S.?

Countdown to MyCare Ohio – Is Your Agency Ready?

Understanding How the Intake Process Drives Revenue Cycle Management Outcomes for Healthcare Organizations